Past Event Moments


Lean Introduction

KLS Martin (Penang), 13-Jun-2019

Introduction to Business Operational Excellence

Welling Pharmacy (Penang), 14-Aug-2019

Introduction to Business Operational Excellence

Synergy House (Setia Alam), 21-Aug-2019

Introduction to Business Operational Excellence

CHL Innovation (Penang), 14-Sep-2019

Pull Scheduling & Visual Management

TTS (Penang), 23-Sep-2019 – 23-Oct-2019



Cadvision (Penang), 18-Nov-2019


Achieving Business Operational Excellence - Penang

Dale Cargenie (Penang), 03-Jul-2019

Achieving Business Operational Excellence - Kuala Lumpur

Dale Cargenie (Petaling Jaya), 10-Jul-2019

Data Analysis & Presentation Using Basic Spreadsheet Functions and PowerPoint Slides

Sentral College (Penang), 11-Jul-2019

Achieving Business Operational Excellence - Johor

Dale Cargenie (Johor), 16-Jul-2019

Industrial Application on Lean Manufacturing​

UniMAP (Perlis), 05-Dec-2019

V-One 2020 Strategy and Communications Meeting For Malaysians Partners

VOne Communication & Strategy

ADAX, (Kuala Lumpur), 18-Dec-2019

Keynote Speech

Proven Excellence Forum

Strategic Planning

2020 Strategic Planning Bootcamp

TLC Houseware (Penang), 18-Jan-2020

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