Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

A Lean Six Sigma Black Belt not only possesses the complete body of knowledge for Lean Six Sigma (LSS BoK) but is a leader for change and continuous improvement. Over and above the body of knowledge included the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt program, the Black Belt’s studies include more advanced analytical tools that can be applied to any area of process improvement or process design, and methods for planning and supporting Lean Six Sigma enterprise-wide deployment strategies.

Training Objectives

The objectives of this course are to equip participants with:

  • Effective Problem-Solving Skills – Competent to solve process & quality problems using Lean Six Sigma tools and the DMAIC methodology.
  • Analytical thinking – Equip with the essential analytical skills to analyze and improve the process performance.
  • Practical tools & Know-How – Wide range of practical tools and know-how to drive process improvement across different types of industry.
  • Career Advancement – Equip yourself with a highly demanded Lean Six Sigma skills that are required in many different types of industries
  • Data Analysis Skills – Equip with advance data analysis skills using statistical tools and analysis
  • Project Management Skills – Competent to lead a process improvement project with significant breakthrough improvement.
  • Leadership Skills – Equip with essential leadership skills to lead, inspires and facilitate successful project team collaboration

Who Should Attend

  • Engineers / Professionals / Executives who want to understand Six Sigma as a management tool for process and performance improvement at their work place
  • Quality and Process Managers, Engineers and Executives who need to gain knowledge of Six Sigma in process / quality improvements
  • Production Managers, Production Supervisors and Customer Service Managers
  • Consultants who want to add Six Sigma Black Belt in their service offerings and help their customers implement it

What Will I Learn

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification includes a wide range of courses commencing with the history and principles of Lean, Six Sigma, the DMAIC approach and an extensive body of knowledge including but by no means limited to Analysis of Variances, Analysis of Means, Hypothesis Testing, Correlation and Simple Linear Regression and so much more. [Download Full Course Overview]


Persons undertaking this course will require the use statistical software. 

Included in the cost for this course is one license for the  SigmaXLTM software.

Learning Path

Sixty (60) Courses

Learning & Access

120 approximate hours (180 access days)


3 slide per page workbook (each course)


Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Designation

Certification - Lean Six Sigma Black Belt


Participation will require registration and payment for training services and courses as a prerequisite to access.  

Registration and electronic invoicing is by way of red buttons below each service. 

Upon payment your registration will be processed within a maximum of two working days to provided for access to courses.

Access to courses will be for varying periods from the date of registration, after which a request for extension will be required.

Queries can be directed to enquiry@lenoxcells.com.

Full Program Fees: $800 / MYR 3440

as per IC for HRDF claimable purposes (if any)