Learning from the best


For decades, MADE IN GERMANY has been the global benchmark in QUALITY. In this unique program you will learn all it takes to achieve top quality in your enterprise – and you will LEARN ONLY FROM THE BEST.

THE SECRET BEHIND GERMANY QUALITY is an unparalleled program that combines an in-depth workshop on all aspects of quality management with an incredible Learning Journey to the heart of Germany. In the land of quality, you will have access to incredible manufacturing facilities and you will enjoy tailor made workshops with key industry stakeholders of some of Germany’s most iconic brands. Back in Malaysia, the post workshop will help you implement those valuable learnings into your daily work routines.

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  • Build quality into process
  • Essence of Operational Excellence
  • Benchmarking for Excellence
  • Conducted as professional learning workshop


Learning Journey:

  • Learn all about the promise behind “Made in Germany”.
  • Meet key stakeholders in the production industry.
  • Get deep industry insights
  • Get access to facilities other wise closed to public.


Key Learning:

  • Implementation workshop after learning trip.
  • Translation of lessons into organization.
  • Focus on keeping the momentum going and actually making the relevant changes.


Our strategic Partner:

SONNENKIND PTE LTD is known across Asia for creating unforgettable, tailor-made experiences with impressive ROI. Working with some of the world’s most icon brands, the Singapore based agency with German Founder & CEO Sonja Piontek is your perfect partner for this Learning Journey. Sonja is the former Director of Marketing for BMW Asia and an award winning international marketeer. She has extensive industry insights and a huge network that will get you to personally meet top industry leaders and senior management other won’t ever have access to.