Standard Work


This course provides an introduction to the principles and methods behind standard work including key components that make up standard work, including takt time and task sequencing. Topics include;

  • The importance of an efficient & effective workplace
  • Exercise: Drawing a Pig
  • What Standard Work is NOT!
  • What IS Standard Work?
  • Key elements of Standard Work
  • Requirements for
  • Standard Work
  • The “Dos” and Don’ts
  • Examples of Standard Work

Estimated duration: 1 1/2 hours (including exercises, if applicable)

COURSE MATERIALS: Included in your course materials is a “workbook” that offers a 3-slide per page booklet that you can download and/or print for note taking. Additional templates and other required resources are also included your course files.

TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE: You can assess your understanding of the topics presented in this course by completing the test at the end of the course.


  • Standard Work
  • Standard Work in a Management System
  • Test your knowledge!


All units must be completed.

as per IC for HRDF claimable purposes (if any)