XONITEK provides consulting services relating to Operational Excellence in some of the best-known companies in the world. Our mission is to create a corporate culture of change and improvement.

Our consulting services include strategic advice, tactical training, logistical organization, and leadership support. We measure our success by how quickly our clients commit to and take ownership of the environment we create together.

The Operational Excellence Society is a grass-roots organization that emerged from a large LinkedIn group led by Joe Paris. The society is staffed by volunteers and has no dues or membership fees.

As the name implies, the society is dedicated to change agents who embrace the ideals of Operational Excellence, defined as the continuous and deliberate improvement of company performance AND the circumstances of those who work there — to pursue Operational Excellence by design and not by coincidence.

The Readiness Institute, is an extension of the Operational Excellence Society, and provides effective strategies in the form of a set of offerings: certification and learning programs, workshops and various consultation services that is delivered online, off-line, and in person, as well as training aids to prepare businesses for the harsh (and unforeseen) realities of the twenty-first century – and to facilitate a student’s becoming a successful Operational Excellence professional.